The Trumps Visit the Church Where They Got Married


On Christmas Eve, President-elect Donald Trump and Melania Trump visited the the Episcopal Church of Bethesda in Palm Beach, Florida.

The church, which officiated the Trump’s wedding in 2005 and also baptized Barron as an infant, welcomed them with hearty cheers and a standing ovation. 

During Rev. James Harlan’s sermon, church-goers were encouraged to forgive as Christ forgave and release any ill will beginning his sermon stating, “All of us have some hurts, some resentments, some fears, some ways that someone has hurt us or offended us in the past that we won’t let go of. We kind of actually like it. I have those.”

He went on to warn his congregation saying, “We won’t let go of those things and I can tell you over time those little hurts, those little slights, those little things, consume us and they will push out that space for God’s love all too easily.”

The NY Post reported that the Trumps arrived at 10:30 pm for the service, took communion while they were there, and departed two hours later to return to their Mar-a-Lago estate, which is only about  a 7-minute drive from the church.


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