Dennis Michael Lynch held a “Drive and Talk” in place of the TRUTH show Tuesday, giving his perspective on the costs of illegal immigration, and listing three important steps he would like to see President Trump to address the matter.

DML discussed going to a jobs fair in South Florida while filming his first documentary, “They Come to America I.” He explained that a large number of the people at the jobs fair were having trouble finding a job because, either an illegal alien had stolen their jobs, or they did not speak Spanish.

This week, DML is back in Florida filming for his fourth documentary on illegal immigration, “They Come to America 4: The Cost of Open Borders.”

Due to the caravan of Central Americans traveling through Mexico on their way to the U.S. Border, DML urged President Trump to take the following three steps:

  1.  When Trump was running for president, he said he would end NAFTA – a deal that does more for Mexico than it does for the U.S. DML said President Trump should tell Mexico right now, if those illegal aliens are not turned away and sent back to Honduras, NAFTA gets ripped up and the negotiations are over.
  2. DML said Trump’s “soft talk” about how much he loves Dreamers has trickled down, causing the illegals from Central America and Mexico to start coming in droves, and urged the president to reverse the tide.  “He needs to set in motion mass raids on every place that employees illegal aliens, including every Home Depot,” DML said.
  3. Trump needs to implement an executive order for a mandatory national e-Verify.

If Trump takes these three steps, the surge will stop, DML said. However, he warned, if these steps are not taken, Trump’s support base will fall away, and they will not turn out in the midterm elections.

Watch his full remarks below.

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