THE TRUTH w/ DML. Episode 2.

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THE TRUTH with Dennis Michael Lynch (episode 2)

Tuesday evening’s show is available exclusively on
– Trump holds CEO Roundtable
– CNN denies Rice unmasking story
– The need for term limits
– 22 Muslim enclaves in USA
– Who is Susan Rice?
– DML reads your emails

We are not streaming on Facebook LIVE this evening because we continue to receive numerous complaints about “video spinning.” The spinning and poor quality is not on our end.  It’s Facebook’s service that is failing. Therefore, we want to test what it’s like for people to watch it on our website via a YouTube player.  If it works well, we will continue to move forward with developing a “chat” feature that operates similar to that of the Facebook chat tool.    We ask you to watch the show tonight and then submit your comments to us — let us know how everything worked.


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