THE TRUTH w/DML 4/14 (episode 10)

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Dennis Michael Lynch and political analyst Harlan Hill join forces once again to bring THE TRUTH to the American people on Friday evening.

Tonight’s show is a continuation of today’s powerful Walk & Talk in which DML and Harlan took a hard look at illegal immigration and the crime that comes with it.  You can watch the very powerful episode by clicking here.

Tonight, DML reveals to Harlan the one scene which he believes is the most powerful scene in all his films.  “We live in a society where seeing is believing, and this scene truly shows how our culture is changing,” said DML.  He then showed Harlan the most powerful scene from all of his films.

The scene is from They Come to America 3: The Cost of Obama’s Legacy.   You can watch it below.   If you’d like to buy DML’s films, click here.

NOTE: On Monday, DML and Harlan will be interviewing a Syrian refugee during the Walk & Talk program, which airs at 11:30amET, here on DML’s website and on

Here is the video for tonight:


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