THE TRUTH w/DML 4/18 (episode 12)

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DML and Harlan Hill go deep into the H1-B visa program after President Trump signed an executive order today to help stop the fraud and abuse of the program that undermines American workers.  This episode of THE TRUTH is not only powerful, but it is filled with the sort of information you will not find on the mainstream media.

Harlan explains what the president accomplished with his executive order, and he shows how the existing program is crushing the opportunities for skilled American workers.  Scarlett highlights the visa numbers and who the visas are being given to — it’s troubling!  Then DML shows how the greedy corporations that abuse the program and all getting rich by tossing the American worker under the bus.

At the end of the program DML and Harlan disagree about the value of the H1B visa program.  The two get into a heated debate you don’t want to miss.  Please watch the episode below, make sure you share this page on Facebook, and be sure to voice your opinions in the chat box.  DML will be watching tonight.


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