THE TRUTH w/DML 4/20 (episode 14)

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Tonight’s episode of THE TRUTH is like no other.  Dennis Michael Lynch and Harlan Hill provide a solid 30-minutes of nonstop facts, figures and revelations about how the mainstream media and George Soros have declared war on the conservative voices with the biggest megaphones.

DML outlines an eye-opening argument that defends the idea that the removal of Bill O’Reilly has more to do with his power in the media than it does the unproven allegations made against him for sexual harassment.  DML explains how the Murdoch family is left-leaning and has donated money in ways that is sure to raise eyebrows.

Then Harlan Hill outlines the “need to know information” about George Soros and how he is funding the progressive movement to stop Trump, and to take down the conservative media.

DML also reveals how Facebook and social media giants are trying to remove the ability to grow conservative news outlets.

This is an episode that you need to watch from start to finish.  DML reveals something at the end about the TriBeca Film Festival that will blow your mind.  Please watch and share, and enter your comments in the CHAT box.  THE TRUTH is available exclusively on this website.


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