THE TRUTH w/DML (episode 9)

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THURSDAY — Dennis Michael Lynch interviews General Bob Dees to discuss President Trump calling for the U.S. military to drop the “Mother Of All Bombs” on an ISIS-filled region of Afghanistan today. The bomb, which has never been used before, is the strongest non-nuclear device of its kind.

The bomb was dropped in an attempt to wipe out the unground tunnels used by ISIS to travel back and forth from Afghanistan to Pakistan.

Also on tonight’s show, DML and team discuss Speaker Paul Ryan’s suggestion about removing the money requested for the border wall from the proposed budget put forward by President Trump. DML highlights the importance of the border wall by proving insight into the effectiveness of Israel’s wall, and how it has limited the attacks on that country. It is a must watch.

Total runtime is 17 minutes. You can now chat as you watch the video below:


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