Tucker Carlson Sets Liberal Columnist Straight on Jeff Sessions

Tucker Carlson hammered liberal Roll Call columnist, Jonathan Allen, last Friday night, accusing him of writing a scathing and unfair piece about soon to be Attorney General Jeff Sessions being a racist.

According to the Daily Caller, Tucker Carlson, who has a prime time Fox news show, and is co-founder of The Daily Caller, explained to Allen that his column is,”one of the most unfair things I think I’ve ever read.” Carlson continued, “I mean, it’s almost like a pure download from the DNC website”.

Allen wrote in his column that Sessions is a racist because he was endorsed by the white national group, Stormfront.  When questioned about that accusation by Carlson, Allen replied,“Well, look I’m not saying he’s like a member of Stormfront or anything,” to which Carlson quickly followed up with, “What are you saying?”

Carlson went on to point out to Allen how Sessions has been an Alabama senator for over 19 years and asked Allen if could name one incident where Sessions mistreated anyone based on race. Allen couldn’t come up with one and Carlson let Allen have it, calling his work, “a total hack job.”

Carlson challenged Allen on live TV to give one example of any Session opinion that may be considered on “the ideological fringe”. Carlson bluntly asked Allen, “Do you really think that Jeff Sessions is pro KKK?”

Allen responded with, “No, what I’m saying is…”

Carlson slammed him with, “You are carrying water for the Democratic party, an you’re smearing this guy without engaging his ideas.”


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