Tucker Carlson and Vogue Writer Engage in Raucous Debate (Video)

‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ invited Teen Vogue writer Lauren Duca to be a guest on the show this week after Duca tweeted about Ivanka Trump’s plane misfortune, Thursday.

When news broke that Ivanka Trump was verbally abused by a fellow passenger on a JetBlue flight, Duca’s tweets were none too favorable toward Trump.

While Duca acknowledged that Ivanka should not be cornered and harassed with her children en route to a family vacation, she also asserted that the president-elect’s daughter shouldn’t be free from criticism.

In response, Carlson welcomed Duca to his show to explain herself. What resulted was a contentious, yet ultimately comical go-around.

The conversation became a mocking-fest of insults hurled by each at the other, with Carlson ending, “You should adhere to the thigh-high boots,” referring to a piece Duca had written about Ariana Grande. Duca became aghast, but Carlson cut her away and proceeded to the next segment before she found words with which to respond.

Duca, undaunted, later took to Twitter to fire back.

H/T: The Blaze

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