The debate over DACA will  hit a boiling point on Tuesday.  Bipartisan talks about the border wall and DACA will be held at the White House today as Democrats and Republicans hope to reach an agreement on immigration with a potential Jan. 19 government shutdown looming.

Trump is standing firm on his pledge to build a border wall and end chain migration and says a deal on DACA will not happen without a wall.

Democrats have flat out rejected Trump’s demands. The DACA issue has been a key obstacle in a spending deal and it remains to be seen whether Democrats are willing to shut down the government over their protection of illegal aliens. Tuesday’s meeting is designed to bring the opposing sides together.

According to DML, if the president gives in on DACA the Democrats will win the midterms and 2020 as conservatives will believe Trump caved on one of his biggest campaign promises. “He’ll basically hand over millions of votes to the Dems.  The millions of new Americans will vote Democrat in the future, and in the near term, conservatives won’t show up to vote in the same way they abandoned Romney in 2012.”