TV Broadcast Shows Muslim Women How To Hide Bruises From Abuse

A Moroccan broadcast channel is under fire for broadcasting a segment on television about how women can apply makeup to cover up their bruises after they are beaten.

Channel 2M’s Sabahiyat program aired the segment just two days before International Violence Against Women Day.   The broadcast showed a women in stage makeup appearing as if she had bruises on her face, while a another woman applied makeup to demonstrate how to cover the bruises.

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INews reported that the translated instructions include, “Make sure to use loose powder to fix the makeup so if you have to work throughout the day, the bruises don’t show.”

The host wraps it up saying, “We hope these beauty tips will help you carry on with your daily life.”

After being bombarded with condemnation for the segment, the channel has removed the video, but several copies of it are available elsewhere online.

The channel released an apology, saying the inappropriate piece was an “error of judgement” and that they have an “unwavering commitment” to defending women’s rights.

A petition has been signed by over 2,400 people, calling for the broadcaster to face “official sanctions,” and says, “Do not cover domestic violence with makeup, condemn the aggressor!”


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