Twice-released illegal kills teen and unborn baby

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An illegal alien who was released by Immigration and Customs Enforcement twice since 2011 shot and killed a 15-year-old girl and her unborn baby on Monday in San Antonio.

Armando Garcia-Ramirez of Mexico was arrested in 2011 through the Criminal Alien Program in San Antonio, Texas, but was released from the program a month later.

He was also arrested in April of 2016 and, again, released.

CNS News reports shortly after his second release, he impregnated 15-year-old Jennifer Delgado with their second child. Police reports indicate he shot her in the head multiple times on Monday before attempting to commit suicide by shooting himself in the mouth.

According to New4SA out of San Antonio, “Multiple sources have confirmed … Ramirez was at one time Delgado’s stepfather.”

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Jennifer Delgado

Police say Garcia-Ramirez’ 1-year-old son was found unharmed inside the home where the incident took place and was taken by Child Protective Services.

Garcia-Ramirez was released from the hospital and booked into Bexar County jail on a $2 million bond.

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