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A pair of twin brothers living in Texas face a heartbreaking future after only one of them was able to have a life-saving liver transplant, while his identical twin did not qualify.

The New York Post reports: Devin Coats, 18, is forced to prepare for a future without his identical twin, Nick, whose health declined to the point that a new liver could no longer save him, news station KHOU reported.

The brothers, who are from Slidell, were both diagnosed last year with stage 4 cirrhosis of the liver caused by a genetic mutation.

Each twin was placed on a list for the life-saving transplant, but only Devin received a call that he would receive a new organ.

“Nick’s now in the dying stage,” their mother, Margi Coats, told KHOU.

As the family faces the future, Devin is struggling to accept each of their fates.

“[Devin’s] trying to heal through this too,” Coats said. “He’s got his life and yet his brother doesn’t. It’s been very very hard for both of them.”

Coats created a GoFundMe page for their medical bills, as the family does not have life insurance. Over $9,000 has been raised as of Monday.

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