Twitter On Fire with #Boycott Hamilton

The Blaze reported that the #Boycott Hamilton tweet became number one on Twitter Saturday afternoon. The tweet was in response to our Vice President elect being verbally harassed and  booed by the audience, as well as by the cast members themselves.

VP elect Mike Pence expected to have an enjoyable night out with his family on Friday, but it quickly turned ugly and humiliating for them.  As they entered the NYC Broadway play, the audience starting booing the Pence’s. As if that wasn’t annoying enough for the Pence family, at the end of the play, the entire cast came out and read a political statement to Pence, culminating with cheers from the audience.

President elect Donald Trump scolded the cast members and audience in his own tweet. This whole incident set off a firestorm of  tweets making #Boycott Hamilton a number one hit.

Trump not letting up on “Hamilton,” doubles down on demand for apology:

— The Daily Beast (@thedailybeast) November 20, 2016


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