The news about what’s happening at Fox News is getting very confusing because headlines are changing every hour.

A few media outlets are stating Ailes will be ousted within days over allegations of his sexual harassment of female employees including but not limited to daytime host, Gretchen Carlson.

Other outlets are stating he will be taking a $40 million exit payment in return for the issue to be dropped.

One outlet claims Ailes recently met with Donald Trump and Rudy Guiliani for advice on how to deal with the problem.  And the Drudge Report is pointing to stories that top anchors Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly have the option to leave the news network if Ailes is fired, and that teams of anchors are meeting in private to develop a strategy to defend Ailes.

The Drudge Report is also linking to stories that claim Megyn Kelly, the networks biggest female star, told investigators that Ailes made sexual advancements towards her ten years ago.

The only thing for certain is Ailes faces a sexual harassment lawsuit launched by Carlson.

In addition to media outlets having a field day with the story, the author of a book about Ailes, “The Loudest Voice In The Room,” is pounding out tweets by the hour.

Gabriel Sherman is the man behind the best seller, and his most significant tweet of the day was a re-tweet that claims FOX News is waiving NDAs to allow female employees to speak out.

















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