Two Police Officers Shot in Arkansas Standoff

A man accused of shooting two police officers Wednesday morning has been taken into custody after an hours-long standoff.

UPDATE:   Sebastian County Deputy Bill Cooper died at 1:15 pm Wednesday at a Fort Smith hospital, after being shot in the neck.   A K-9 dog was also shot. 

The two officers shot were Sebastian County Deputy Bill Cooper, who is in “extremely critical condition” in intensive care in a Fort Smith hospital, and Hackett Police Chief Darrell Spells, who was grazed in the head by a bullet, but escaped serious injury.  

Deputy Bill Cooper and Hackett Chief of Police Darrell Spells

Deputy Bill Cooper and Hackett Chief of Police Darrell Spells

The incident happened near Hackett, Arkansas, a small town about 170 miles west of Little Rock.   Spells and Cooper responded to a call about 7:20 a.m. Wednesday for a family disturbance.   The suspect’s father had reportedly called asking police to check in on his son.

The suspect has been identified as Billy M. Jones, who already has an extensive police record including manufacturing drugs, theft and firearms-related charges.

Three local police departments, the state police, two police helicopters and a SWAT team all responded to the shooting, with the standoff lasting several hours until the shooter finally surrendered.




Shooter Billy M. Jones is now in dustody.

Shooter Billy M. Jones is now in custody.



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