U.S. CENSUS shows huge number of Latinos won’t acknowledge their heritage

The U.S. Census Bureau reports 43.5% of the Hispanic population does not identify themselves as Hispanic or Latino when filling out official forms.

It is indicated more of them are selecting “some other race.”

The report specifically states 43.5 percent of “self-reported Hispanics did not report belonging to any federally recognized race group,” and that “some other race” has become the third largest race in Census calculations.

According to reports, this trend has resulted in somewhat of a “crisis” for the Census Bureau, since this information is used for federal calculations.


The Census Bureau is working to resolve the issue for the 2020 national count by expanding options, which will include choices of race and origin. They tested out this method in 2015, and it proved effective.

“By combining the race and Hispanic origin questions into one question on race/ethnicity, the research has shown that Hispanics can better find themselves among the race and ethnicity categories,” the report stated.


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