U.S. Government Wasting Billions on Global Warming

Federal agencies spent $22 billion dollars on global warming projects back in 2013 and are budgeted to spend $27 billion in 2017.

The Daily Caller reported that President-elect Donald Trump will be looking into cutting back on federally funded global warming project and it looks like he has some serious work to do.

Several different agencies want to spend lots of taxpayer money in 2017 on global warming projects.

  • Dept. of Energy: $ 8.5 Billion dollars
  • Dept. of Interior: $ 1.1 Billion dollars
  • Dept. of State: $ 1 Billion dollars
  • EPA: 1 $ Billion dollars
  • National Science Foundation: $ 1 Billion dollars
  • NASA: $ 2 Billion dollars

These are only a few of the 18 governmental agencies with global warming budgets.

On top of these figures,Obama sent a beginning payment of $500 million of a $3 billion pledge to United Nation’s Green Climate Fund in March which was set up to help countries fight global warming.


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