U.S. Sends Planeload of Somalian Migrants Back Home

The United States deported 90 Somalis and 2 Kenyans back to their home countries Wednesday, after they had spent time in detention centers and prisons.

African News reported the deportees included 86 men and 4 women.  Two Kenyan women were dropped off at the airport in Nairobi, then the plane went on to Mogadishu, Somalia.

Ahmed Isse Awad, Somalia’s ambassador to the U.S., confirmed that some of the immigrants had been denied asylum, while others were convicted criminals who had been ordered out of the United States.

The migrants were returned via an American Charter Airlines plane.

The mass deportation occurred just two days before President Trump signed an execute order at the Pentagon Friday, cracking down on refugees coming into the United States.

The executive order suspends all visa entries from seven countries who are mostly Muslim and have known ties to terror, including Somalia, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan and Yemen.

The order also mandates an extreme vetting process for all immigrants and visitors to the U.S., suspends all refugee admissions for four months, and indefinitely halts almost all Syrian refugee admissions.

H/T: African News, Fox News

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