According to UK media, some British government officials are calling for the country to refuse entry to the Rev. Franklin Graham for an upcoming visit, saying the popular evangelical preacher promotes hate speech against Muslims.

According to the reports, some members of parliament have asked the home secretary to consider refusing entry to Graham, who’s expected to be the main speaker at a festival in September. The event is organized by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association U.K., of which Franklin Graham is president and CEO.

More than 7,000 signatures have been collected under a petition in opposition to Graham’s planned visit.

Those opposed to his visit said it would promote prejudice and damage interfaith relations. The 65-year-old son of Billy Graham has called Islam “an evil and very wicked religion” and voiced support for banning Muslims from immigrating to the U.S.

“His views are not welcome, and I will make representation to the home secretary if it looks like he is intent on coming,” Afzal Khan, the Labour member of parliament for Manchester Gorton, told the Guardian.

This is not the first American who speaks out against the dangers of Islam to be hated on by the UK.  The mayor of London, who is also a Muslim, has called for the rejection of President Trump visiting the UK.

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