University Dumps “Unisex” Label As Too Outdated and Exclusionary

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Changing all the labels on the single-occupancy bathroom will cost thousands, but it will “help make the campus more inclusive to as many identities as possible.”

The Missouri University has decided to remove the label “Unisex” from the single-occupancy restrooms scattered across the campus before the students return this fall.   The new label will simply say “TOILET”.

They are complying with a resolution passed by the Missouri Students Association in January, which said it will “make MU’s campus bathrooms more accessible to trans and gender non-conforming students.”

After all, the word unisex “excludes people who do not identify as male or female,” and “Unisex is just such an uncomfortable and outdated word,” claims Sterling Waldman, a social justice chair in the MSA senate.

Matt Bourke, Residence Hall Association President, said, “This is our way of making people feel that no matter how they identify, there is a space for them.”

The project is going to be expensive to re-label the 28 single-occupancy stalls at MU (according to a map on the LGBTQ Resource Center site).  The Columbia Missourian reports it will cost an estimated $11,600 “to change every relevant sign on campus,” and they don’t have enough.

The Missouri Students Association donated $5,000, and they’ve already used $1,000 of that to update signs in 14 resident halls and two dining halls.

Currently, they are working with students to determine which bathroom signs are the highest priority – so all identities will have a place to go.


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