University To Host Black Panther Party

Contributed by Michelle St.Pierre

The African American Cultural Center (AACC) at Yale University is celebrating Black History Month by hosting a “Black Panther Party” to commemorate 50 years of the Black Panther Party’s existence.

The event is scheduled on February 26, 2017 as part of a series sponsored by the AACC throughout the month of February.

The Black Panther Party was started as a black nationalist and socialist movement with the aim of empowering black leaders and improving the socio-economic position of black Americans in society. Demands were made for social reform in education, housing, and employment opportunities for “black and oppressed” communities as were the political platform adopted in 1966 and 1972.

The original platform also called for all black men to be exempt from military service, to be released from all jails and prisons, to have segregated juries, and UN supervision of voting “for the purpose of fulfilling the will of  black people as to their national destiny”.

Those demands have since been revised, exchanging the military exemption clause with demands for free healthcare for all black and oppressed Americans, to “end all wars of aggression” and to “end the robbery by the capitalist of our black and oppressed communities.”  

H/T: Yale Daily NewsCampus Reform

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