University VP of Student Body Suspended Over #AllLivesMatter Post

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Rohini Sethi, the Vice President of the student body at the University of Houston, has been suspended over an ‘#AllLivesMatter’ Facebook post.

Sethi wrote “Forget #BlackLivesMatter; more like #AllLivesMatter,” in a now-deleted Facebook post after the Dallas police shootings, leading to a temporary suspension of her post, outlets reported. She later was forced to apologize, but that wasn’t enough for some of her classmates at the University of Houston, who berated her for being racially insensitive. UH is a diverse campus of nearly 43,000 students.

Shane Smith, the university’s student government president, was granted one-time power by the student senate to determine Sethi’s punishment. The student government has the authority to issue sanctions independently of the University of Houston’s administration.

In a letter detailing the sanctions against her, Smith wrote:

I am aware of the first amendment arguments that some have made. Yes, Rohini had a right to say what she did. Identically, students also have that same right to voice their complaints. The first amendment prevents a person from being jailed by the government for what they say. But the first amendment does not prevent people from receiving consequences for what they say, including workplace discipline.

The sanctions include a 50-day suspension and mandatory attendance at three of the university’s “cultural events” per month.

The rhetoric seems to have become that you either agree with BLM or you’re severely punished. Because apparently in America it’s wrong to have a difference in opinion, especially when it’s at college where you are learning who you are and growing.

Think about that: we’re living in a time period where if you say all lives matter, you are ridiculed and reprimanded. Don’t the liberals recognize that they’ve become more authoritarian than peaceful?


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