University Will Now Offer Hormone Therapy for Transgender Students


Stanley Acedraper, a transgender student at Montana State University, will begin receiving hormone treatment therapy from the college’s health services department. In an interview with reporter Lena Blietz, Acedraper reveals he needed gender hormone treatment for a total life change, in order to feel like his true self:

“I’m being who I want to be and that’s all anyone really wants is to be who they want to be. I did a little bit of research at the beginning, just to weigh my options because I was unfamiliar with the process and all that. So, we met a few times before I actually got on the hormones, to just talk about it and she gave me all this information and all this paperwork, just stuff that I could look over to know like what was going to happen to me.”

Acedraper is able to get his medications without disrupting his schedule due to MSU’s LGBT-supportive health center. “I think it’s really important that transgender students can access the care they need here on campus,” said Dr. Katie Woods, MSU Health Services physician. “Students pay a student health fee and that covers their access to the clinic. We have a very affordable lab, and then medications and laboratory services are run through the student’s insurance.”

“It was so helpful like right after classes, I can go pick up my prescription just right on campus,” Acedraper said.

According to their enrollment roster, MSU Student Health Services has about 30 to 40 transgender patients seeking treatment for transitioning. Each treatment is tailored to each person. Acedraper chose to start hormones as quickly as possible after coming out. He identifies as a male. | Helena, Montana


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