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Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis said he will fight any federal plans that include “dumping” hundreds of migrants in southern Florida from the U.S.-Mexico border — even if that means taking it to President Trump directly, reports the AP.

The federal government has reached capacity for processing the thousands of migrants crossing the border, forcing officials to find other options while they await court processing. DeSantis said shipping migrants to Florida could stress “resources, the schools, the health care, law enforcement, state agencies,” per AP.

The article goes on to state the following:

Palm Beach and Broward County officials say they were notified that almost 1,000 migrants could be sent to southern Florida each month starting in two weeks, but federal officials have said there are no immediate plans to relocate these people to Florida, per AP.

Trump and DeSantis have a historically strong relationship, with Trump’s endorsement helping DeSantis to secure his gubernatorial seat. DeSantis recently signed a bill banning sanctuary cities.


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  1. Then De Santis better get on his soapbox & start standing up for Trump’s immigration proposals. #SilentNoMore

  2. All the Democrats that are snowbirds or are moving their from the East Coast to escape the taxes.Your party has encouraged open borders.Now your getting them imported.A soapbox won’t help,They want asylum fine,fill out the paperwork,send them back to Mexico,Will notify them when their court date comes up…Simple as that.Think of if as a modified Catch and Release.Difference we release them to Mexico.

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