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In a press conference Wednesday evening with Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel gave an update on the mass shooting that occurred Wednesday afternoon at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

There are now 17 confirmed victims killed: 12 victims were within the building, two were found just outside the building, one victim died on the street, and two others died at the hospital. He said the fatalities were a mixture of students and adults.

The sheriff said he had heard that 14 people were taken to the hospital, and two of those died, but acknowledged that there could be others at the hospital as well. He said some victims are still in surgery and fighting for their lives.

The suspect is a former student, age 19, identified as Nicolas de Jesus Cruz, who was previously expelled from the high school for disciplinary reasons. Disturbing photos have emerged from his Instagram account. The sheriff said they have begun to dissect his social media pages, and what they are finding is “very, very disturbing.”

He had multiple magazines and an AR-15 rifle, Sheriff Israel said.

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