Utah Delegate Threatened at RNC Convention

Delegate UT Kera Berkeland

Reports are circulating in the news that a group of Trump supporters at the Republican National Convention threatened to kill Utah delegate Kera Birkeland on Monday.

Not true, says Birkeland.   The media got the story all mixed up.  Birkeland is a Cruz delegate who was calling for a role call, but claims she is not “NeverTrump.”    Here is what she says really happened:

“Friends: thanks for the kind words. Yes, I was threatened, so to speak. I went into the bathroom and came out of my stall and there I was confronted by two women. They yelled at me, called me names. They said I should die. They said the police should be pulled from the Utah delegation and we should all die. They never touched me. They did not say they would kill me. They just said I should die.

It shook me at first. I came out of the bathroom crying, which is how people from Utah found out. The story spread. News crews caught me crying. I was just in shock. But I was and I am ok. Yesterday, while riding the bus downtown, a democrat said to me; “You’re a young republican, we should kill you before you produce off spring”. It’s just been a great two days. ?

This behavior is horrible, but I won’t let it get me down. I’ll stay involved and keep fighting for what I believe. Our society really needs to change and start treating people with respect and decency.

And for the record–I am not Never Trump. The role call vote was never about Trump. It was about the National Republican Party showing transparency. I believe a role call vote would have helped unite the Republican Party. But the RNC doesn’t seem to want a party for the people.”

Birkeland said in a facebook post Tuesday morning, “After watching how the media twists things, I’m not sure who I support for president. But I know I won’t support Hillary.”


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