The VA Declares War on Christmas

A disgruntled employee from the Department of Veterans Affairs issued an emailed threat to throw away a Christmas tree that was found in their Veterans Service Center Philadelphia office.

Marked “Importance: High,” the email from employee Rebecca Cellucci read the following:

“There is a Christmas tree, ornaments, and decorations in the cubicle across from Luis Stevenson’s desk (the same cubicle where the scanner is housed). If this belongs to you, please claim it. Otherwise it will be discarded on Friday, 12/02/2016.”

The VA has been plagued with controversies such as their manipulated wait times and inadequate regard for the veterans they are dedicated to aid. However, employees believe the department declaring war on Christmas is the last straw.

According to the Washington Examiner, a VA official commented about the email by stating, “With veteran suicides at record highs, is this really the most pressing issue for the management at the Philly VA — one that demands a maximum effort and an all-employee, urgent email … to declare war on Christmas?”

Another official commented: “I can understand if it’s a couple of weeks after Christmas, but it’s a couple of weeks before Christmas. The Grinch might have stolen everyone’s Christmas tree, but he never actually threatened to end its life by a certain date.”


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