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There is something “very strange” about the way Democrats are treating the 2020 election, according to Rep. Devin Nunes.

The California Republican, who is the ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee, said even President-elect Joe Biden and his team are not acting like winners, although they are putting up “a facade” of victory.

The article goes on to state the following:

“There’s a false media narrative that’s been created to move us past the election that started essentially election night,” he said to the Epoch Times in a recent interview, insisting that House and local races would not have been called if they were so close.

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  1. Well….good to hear this because maybe it won’t hurt them so bad this way when the “kracken” is released from the attorney!

  2. It’s another sob story to play kiss and make up with President Trump supporters, no forgiveness is deserved for any of the slimy corrupt communists that voted for dodo and hoho nor the cowards complaining after the fact. Judges are throwing cases out, Dems and most Rep are still cowering in the corner while the black and brown call in debt for helping commit a fraudulent election. Got doubts then voice them to your state gov not that it matters as most sold out to the communists. ACTION not words !

  3. Even 30 percent of Democrats are not dishonest or gullible enough to believe this election was not stolen.

    But it is difficult to prove when most of the votes are mail-in ballots. And we’re running out of time.

    Hope for the best but prepare for civil war! It is a terrible, terrible thing. But it is preferable to chains.

  4. If the world doesn’t come to an end can you imagine how many different versions of this will be written in the history books


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