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For the past week, I’ve been taking 30-minutes each day to answer some of the emails we receive. I like to read the emails because they provide insight into what our readers like, and don’t like. Sometimes the emails alert us to issues with the website or app., other times they’ll ask us to look into a story, but, most of the time, they include feedback and comments about that day’s Walk & Talk.

For the past week, I’ve been posting on this website my answers to some of the emails. I call it: “I Reply to 3 Interesting Emails You Sent Me.” Well, after I finished responding to 3 emails on this Saturday morning, I went back into my email account and found a real doozy from a woman who claims her name is Lori. Having read it twice, I come away feeling she is in dire need of love and attention. So, I am publishing her work here for you to read.

From Lori C.

You’re really full of yourself!
Stop patting yourself on the back all the time, and trying to make people think you “Know before everyone else does”
You’re very corny & hard to watch.
Ever wonder why”TRUMP” doesn’t reach out to you? Or acknowledge your “Helpful Insights??”
He’s light years ahead of your daily “Babble.”
You’re like an old “Yenta” or ITALIAN WOMAN, who just likes to hear herself talk.
You’ve tricked people into sending you donations to buy studio equipment & lease a county property, to make into a version of “The View”
You’re the male version of JOY BEHAR
YOUR 9 screen jumbo tron was a BIG DEAL BACK WHEN ESPN STARTED, now all major news based outlets use, and when you can start pulling in numbers like “Tomi Lehran” then you can boast!
No one is interested in seeing you “Walk, make coffee, or your dumb facial expressions”
People who constantly pat themselves on the back like you do, don’t usually deliver to a big enough crowd.
Still using “360” in your title. That’s lame. So ANDERSON COOPER…
Your NEWS ALERTS “STILL” not getting out online faster than NYP, CNN, FOX, etc.
I’m receiving them 2-3 hours after on ALL MAJOR ALERTS.
Well, that’s my 2cents. YOU’RE LOSING NUMBERS BECAUSE YOU’RE B.O.R.I.N.G.!
And most “Men” don’t need to use their middle name in their title.
Very “Metro Sexual” or in my old neighborhood, “QUEER!”
You’re pathetic to watch, whining about working more than 10 hrs/Day.
Sleeping in a house with BEDROOMS & BATHROOMS, FULL KITCHEN. AIR MATTRESSES & pillows & blankets.
You drive 2 hours back & forth to work, SO WHAT!! You and millions others!
Now you sleep in “Another house” when too sleepy to trek home.
You’re a phony, so is your work.
Try telemarketing!
You like to “BS”
Seriously, you’re gagging to watch.

Sent from my iPhone

My reply: 

Thank you for the email.  We’re sorry to learn that you watch things you don’t like to watch.

By the way, it’s eighteen-hour days, not ten.

But kudos to you on the fantastic sentence structure and punctuation.

Sadly, Lori doesn’t read the numbers or know her facts. Our website is recording its best month ever, which says a lot considering this month is shorter than other months and the election is well behind us. More people are downloading the DML App each day, and I did get a response from President Trump’s admin.

Furthermore, we didn’t rent a property from the county.  TV360 is my business name, and I’m sure people with common sense realize we didn’t copy it from Anderson Cooper.  As for breaking news, we are often faster at getting out the alerts than some of the major news outlets; but, for us, it is not a race — we prefer to be accurate. As for my boring videos and facial expressions, I blame it all on President Bush. In terms of using my middle name, I’ll take that up with my mom. As for supporting our vets, I’m wondering how much money Lori donated to veterans last year. I’m willing to bet I have her beat.

God bless you, God bless our troops, God bless America, and God bless Lori.

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