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In her new memoir geared towards teens and young adults, TV actress and activist Diane Guerrero recounts how her 14-year-old life was turned upside down after getting home one day and finding her parents gone — they had been detained and deported.

In “My Family Divided,” Guerrero writes candidly about the toll the traumatic experience had on her mental health. Visiting her parents in jail, working multiple jobs to pay off debt and shouldering the responsibility of being her parents’ only hope for returning to America drove Guerrero to depression, self-harm and a suicide attempt.

The article goes on to state the following:

At a recent book reading and signing in New York City, Guerrero told a packed room — many had waited hours in line on a rain-soaked afternoon to attend the event — that they were not alone if they were going through immigration-related issues in their own families.

After her parents were deported, Guerrero says the authorities never followed up about what happened to her. Guerrero, who was born in the U.S. and was an American citizen, was alone, eventually relying on family friends who helped her forge ahead.

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  1. The bottom line is respect our laws. Just because the Obama administration refused to enforce them does not mean they are no longer in place. Our family would never think of violating the laws of any other country. Why should ANYONE be alowed to violate US laws?

  2. Just wondering why it took her so long to make this known,since the previous administration was doing the same. Just stating the obvious!

  3. It’s a shame she had to suffer; however, she should blame her parents for disobeying our law. They took a chance and got caught. This is the case of anyone caught disobeying a law. The difference is illegals get deported and legals get put in jail. Both are separated from their children and both have to deal with the child foster-care system.

  4. Guerreuro’s anger and frustration should be directed at her parents who blatantly violated our laws and then abandoned her so that the state was required to fulfill her parents fiscal responsibilities.

    The brazen and arrogant attitude exhibited by this woman and the ignorance of those who would dignify attending such an event only further proves the hellbent attitude of these people who are determined to turn our country into a clone of the lawless countries they/their parents left behind before invading ours.

  5. Ms. Guerrero’s parents are responsible for every bit of the toll that was taken on her. They made all of the choices that led to their deportation and separation from her. They chose to enter and reside in our country illegally knowing that they were breaking our laws and could be deported. They knew that they could be deported at any time yet they still chose to have a child here too. That should show everyone that these people have no respect for our country and our laws and when we enforce our laws they try to make it all about race, hate and unfair laws… in spite of over 1 million people coming legally every year.

  6. This is the reason birthright citizenship ought to be abolished! This woman, has to realize, Bush and Obama were doing this, so why didn’t she write her story then. I suppose now, Obama id paying her publisher so that she can write this book to bash Trump! Obama and the Deep State are motivating her by letting this publisher pay her for her story!

    • Nailed it! I’ve been saying that for years. They need to add anchor babies to the list. Illegals come over right before they give birth so their baby will be an American citizen and they will have a way in. Heck the Chinese even have safe houses were women pay big bucks to have their children here. It is an abuse of the system. Enough already! This is total BS!

  7. I’m so sick and tired of hearing this sob stories and agree that why is she saying it now, I have no sympathy for her or anybody that breaks the law, this nation has and will always be a nation of laws that is what makes us strong and great, I want to hear stories about people that came here legally and assimilated and that love this country and don’t bash this country and certainly don’t want to make this country into the one they left behind. Unity will become stronger when we start loving the greatest country in the world💖🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  8. Charles Manson was separated from his family also and nobody cared then just like nobody cares about your criminal POS parents! When a criminal violates the law, they are separated from there family, and should be, period!
    2,700,000 kids have a parent in prison.
    400,000 kids are in foster care.
    And 765,000 kids are separated from their military parents not knowing if they’ll see them again.
    But the media focuses on 2,000 kids who are temporarily separated from illegal immigrants.

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