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Actress Alyssa Milano stumped a former CIA analyst with her assessment of the 2016 election and the reason that Donald Trump was ultimately elected president.

The HillTV host Buck Sexton, who worked as an intelligence officer for four years, was taken aback when Milano attempted to pin the rise of Trump on a media that didn’t “do enough” to stop him.

The article goes on to state the following:

“We have not called out the absurdity for the last — I don’t know — two and a half years, since our president started campaigning to be president,” Milano began, “because the media didn’t call out how absolutely absurd this was …”

Eyebrows raised, Sexton interrupted, “You don’t think the media’s hostile enough to Trump?”

“I’m talking about two and a half years ago,” Milano explained, “when he started to run in his campaign, the fact that the media actually normalized some of what he did — and continues to normalize it instead of going, ‘Can you believe how crazy this is?’”


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  1. Can you believe how utterly stupid and crazy she sounds? She has lived in a makebelieve world since she was a child and thinks hollywood is the real world!!! Wake up snowflake get out of there and see how the rest of us have been living then see what you think, if you know how to think!!

  2. There are so few ( if any ) snowflakes in Hollywood ! Someday , I hope , they may come to be grown ups and realize their potential to be part of the ” re a world , Maybe even find Out Lord and begfor Mercy!

  3. Alyssa Milano one of the great minds of all time………………LMAO!!!!! Who cares about her opinion?

  4. Why is she even being interviewed? As if Alyssas words drip any credibility, connection to reality or even have one example of her whining? Why didnt the interviewer ask her opinion of the other candidate running for President? Never mind, I dont care a wit of what this “celebrity” has to say about anything, a real waste of time.

  5. She is delusional. When she was on Who’s The Boss with Tony Danza, she played a young, adorable girl. I never imagined she’d turn into someone so totally wigged out like she is.

  6. What a maroon. What an ignoramus. What a ta-rah-rah-goon-dee-ay! It is interesting that, during this interview, every time this brainless twit says “I think… ” it is followed by stammering and stuttering.

  7. She’s definitely suffering from TDS! Blaming a media that is working hard for the Democrats. They tried to stop him during the elections and now they continue by trying to topple him. She’s Stupid and Crazy to say that. Trump2020!!!

  8. This woman needs to be medicated and institutionalized. The interviewer is as damn dumb as she is. Who gives a damn what she thinks; she’s an actress and a very good one at that.

  9. I think Trump won because people were fed up with Hillary and Obama and the direction the country was going. They wanted Supreme Court Justices they could trust to sustain American values. They took a chance and even Trump couldn’t stop Trump no matter how outrageous he behaved. The Media gave him a tremendous amount of time because of that behavior and I don’t think any amount of bad mouthing him would have stopped the Trump train.

      • I agree 1 million percent, Joanne Hamilton!!!!!!
        He is exactly what our wonderful country needed!
        May God Bless him and protect him and ALL of us faithful Americans.

  10. OMG….So Ms. Milano, what about the media’s handling of Obama? Was he coddled do ya think? Where were you thin m’lady?

  11. Now you know why women had to fight for the right to vote. Don’t get me wrong. I love women but they depend TOO MUCH on their emotions to guide them. That works well in family situations. Only a select few allow logic to take center stage in their decision making outside of that venue.
    This one has a serious disconnect between her brain and her mouth….

  12. Another over medicated, immoral, misguided, big ego hollywood liberal speaking with no brain. Why do they think we listen to them? I’m sure it’s only for the publicity they get for their lagging careers.

  13. Who’s Alyssa Milano? Men have grabbed at women’s private parts since the beginning of time, but that has nothing to do with their capabilities. So since Milano has put herself out there, I wonder what she has done in the sexual arena. Probably a lot. I am a woman and I have watched audiences all over this country from the stage with my band and without a doubt it was women who did all the sexual stuff right there in the night club. Most men were just hoping they could get someone to dance with them and these women would display themselves in blatant sexual ways and if approached by a man that they didn’t want they would be mean and hateful. Unless it was someone they thought was important. Women are the problem and this actress is acting like she is so innocent. I doubt it.

  14. This woman is absolutely clueless. She is one of the “trump is satan” crowd. Everything he does is EVIL in their eyes. He could cure cancer, and they’d blame him for millions of deaths because he didn’t do it soon enough. They’d LOVE it if someone shot him, they would be ecstatic, even though they’d deny it. These people are absolutely sick. They have a mental illness. Especially these actors and musicians. They all live in this bubble, this entertainment bubble where conservatives are all seen as idiots, rednecks, white trash, or uncle toms, and the more radical they are, the more popular, and more respected they are. I wouldn’t doubt at all that when they have their little parties they just can’t help but talk about how happy they’d be if someone shot him.

    When you see someone as idiotic as this mental midget, it’s hard not to think that…. How anyone with even a modicum of awareness would say the press hasn’t been hard enough on him… AT ANY TIME… they laughed when he announced… actually laughed. Mocked him relentlessly. Trump won DESPITE the press’s best efforts to stop him. LITERALLY. The sad thing is that there will be people out there who actually buy what this moron is selling.

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