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The American Airlines passenger who filmed a man pummeling the back of her reclined seat in a viral video has spoken out to reveal she was threatened with arrest for filming the man.

Wendi Williams was almost thrown off the flight from New Orleans to Charlotte on January 31 when the man began ‘punching’ the back of her chair.

The article goes on to state the following:

She told TMZ on Friday that the worst of the ‘assault’ happened before she started filming it on her cell phone, and that she now wants to identify the man in order to press charges against him.

Williams has also demanded that Loretta, the stewardess, be fired, after she reportedly threatened to arrest HER instead of asking the passenger behind her to stop hitting her reclined seat.

WATCH the video below, which Williams posted on Twitter. “He was angry that I reclined my seat and punched it about 9 times – HARD, at which point I began videoing him, and he resigned to this behavior,” she wrote.

Williams continued to post additional statement on Twitter, as the video went viral and other Twitter users weigh in.

“In the video, he was not hammering the seat. I started taking the video bc of the him punching it. The punching subsided, but he continued with the behavior you see in the video. I thought the video would stop it altogether. It didn’t and neither did the FA. Thanks @AmericanAir,” she tweeted.

Williams wrote, “I know that I was told by AA that I had every right to recline my seat. We have yet another candidate to write a book on etiquette. Also, I’m sure by your heated reaction, that you’d kowtow to someone who had just punched your seat – Again, prior to the video, it was punching!”

Then, in a series of tweets, Williams added the following statement:

1 @AmericanAir I saw that your rep said “they” (Loretta) tried to deescalate the situation by asking me to stop filming? Lie #1! I stopped filming as soon as Loretta came over to me, bc I thought she’d stop the guy. She talked to him then TOLD me, not asked me, to delete video.

2 @AmericanAir I was told by 1 of your reps that “You had every right to recline your seat.” But now, “…the whole thing would not be an issue if both of the passengers would have been respectful to each other.? Lie #2!

3 @AmericanAir Please refrain from placing any blame about what happened to me on your awful airline with your rude flight attendant! And if I inadvertently spilled a drink on the “man” – I had NO idea that happened. Who said it did @AmericanAir?

4 @AmericanAir Again, who said I spilled a drink on him? Was it the “man”? The guy who punched me in my back repeatedly? The other passenger who should have been respectful? Was I disrespectful by reclining my seat @AmericanAir? Yes or no? Simple question a it’s your airline –

5 @AmericanAir -your chairs that recline. Your rep has represented you perfectly! I sat through that entire flight being assaulted, being threatened, and I stayed completely calm throughout ALL of it (on the outside-

6 @AmericanAir – inside, I was in pain, thought my heart was going to pound out of my chest). Here it is @AmericanAir “…the whole thing would not have been an issue…” if your airline wasn’t THE WORST! Thanks for yet another misrepresentation of me! Unbelievable!!! 

The CEO of Delta Airlines weighed in on the case, saying, in his opinion, passengers should ask permission of the person sitting behind them if it was ok to recline their seat.

To get more information about this article, please visit DailyMail.

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