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Early Wednesday morning, a man took a pickaxe to President Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and completely destroyed it. The city replaced the star on Thursday, as a crowd of onlookers watched – some in support of Trump and outraged over the destruction, while others ranted and raved against the President.

A man who goes by the name “Official Black Mic” on YouTube posted a video Thursday, of himself interviewing several people in the crowd as workers were replacing the star.

“Black Mic” received mixed reactions in his interviews, and some appeared incapable of responding, while others had plenty to say.

One man said, “No one deserves to have a star broken – if they’re going to break one star, they should break all the stars. And here’s the funny thing – they broke the star, and now the star’s going to be even better – shinier, better than ever before – it’s going to be the best star on the boulevard!”

Two other men agreed. “They’re going to rebuild it and put it right back down. This star is going to be nice and shiny.”

Another young man jumped in screaming profanities, claiming Trump is racist, and said the nation should have no borders. “It should be free for everyone,” he yelled.

A man wearing an Army hat threateningly said if he could show his opposition to Trump, he would do it differently.

“If I could do it my way, I’d go to the White House,” he said, adding he didn’t mind if he went to jail. “I’d go with a gun,” he declared.

Several of the people ranting against Trump were left speechless when they were informed that, under the Trump administration, the black employment rate is the lowest it’s ever been, and that the cities with the highest crime rates were all run by Democrats.

Watch the video below:

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  1. Alot of these people do not know what they are talking about they are just repeating what the fake news is saying. They are just pissed because Hillary did not win! With these millianials I am afraid for our future!

  2. Most of those youngsters were so high or drunk I am surprised they were not face planted on the sidewalk. It is truely scary to think that these folks can vote. Regurgitation of what the MSM presents without fact to back it up.

  3. OMG Californians are so embarrassing anymore. I hate to admit I’m even from California! Most of those people were stoned out of their minds! Disgusting!

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