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A black writer was booed Wednesday for testifying against slave reparations in a congressional hearing.

Quillette columnist Coleman Hughes said reparation payments to the descendants of slaves would insult black Americans, further divide the country, and make him and other descendants of slaves “victims without their consent.”

The article goes on to state the following:

The public present for the Democrat-led hearing did not take his opinion well, prompting Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen to tell them to “chill.”

Hughes called racism “a bloody stain on this country’s history” and said the governments should have paid “reparations directly to freed slaves after the civil war.” Failure to do so was one of “the greatest injustices ever perpetuated by the U.S. Government,” Hughes said.

Hughes added that focusing on the past is hampering changes for the future, and that “black people don’t need another apology.”

“We need safer neighborhoods and better schools,” Hughes said. “We need a less punitive criminal justice system. We need affordable health care. And none of these things can be achieved through reparations for slavery.”

His comments drew boos from some members of the audience. Watch:

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  1. I agree with Hughes in part. Reparation to black slave descendents would further divide this country. If we go ahead and make that reparation, what will we then do about the descendents of Scottish slaves who were brought to this country BEFORE black slaves arrived; or any of the rest of the slaves of different ethnicity? It is a poser.

    Hughes wants better safer neighborhoods and schools. We all need safer schools. BUT, safer black neighborhoods begin with the blacks. If we built totally new neighborhoods – safe neighborhoods – burned down all the bad neighborhoods, and moved everyone into the new neighborhoods, my bet is that withing 5 years, the new neighborhoods would be as bad as the old. Why? Becuase of a lack of jobs, a lack of training for those jobs, and lazy people who want to live on someone else’s dime without having to work for it. They would be as bad because those people who make the neighborhood bad to begin with aren’t going to stop doing what they are doing becuase they are moving to a new place.

    He wants a less punitive justice system. Why? If a person breaks the law, that person needs to pay the penalty regardless of color, race, or creed. And Mr. Hughes fails to mention that it is a statistical fact that blacks commit more crimes and kill more blacks than any other race. They need to stop doing that to themselves. Blacks need to start policing themselves and start cleaning up their own culture because they are the only ones who can do it. Giving them all sorts of breaks hasn’t worked. Only they can do that. Nothing else has helped.

  2. Where would the black people living in America today be if their ancestors had not been victims of slavery?
    They would be in Africa. They wouldn’t even be in America. They probably wouldn’t even exist. They would have been murdered by the black Muslims that captured their ancestors and brought them to the Ivory Coast and sold them to the slave traders.

  3. Mr. Blough,
    I agree with part of your statement. It’s not just the Black American who has been a slave. We have ALL been trained to be slaves through our educational system, the media and government welfare. Our educators today have taught our children and now our grandchildren not to be independent thinkers. The guidance is skewed!
    Our churches needed to stop teaching their parishioners that they are victims. It is where hatred is bred. We are victims if we choose to be.
    Listen to your heart and not the people that want to be controllers. You need to be strong and rise above these doubters.
    Money isn’t the answer. Self worth is.

  4. Many plantations collapsed when the slaves were freed, many of the slaves wanted to stay where they were. Some plantation owners gave tracts of land to their freed slaves who stayed so they could grow food and support themselves. I knew one such black person when I lived in Virginia who’s ancestors stayed and were given some acreage to farm. He inherited two of the acres of land with frontage on the river. His people worked hard and both he and his wife had college degrees they had a beautiful house overlooking the river which today must be worth millions. It just goes to show that people of any color can whine or they can work.

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