VIDEO: Bus driver rescues child wandering streets on freezing night


Wandering the streets of Milwaukee on a freezing cold January night, a lost five year old boy was lucky to be spotted by bus driver Denise Wilson when she pulled over at midnight on January 28 to take a break.

Dressed in only a t-shirt, shorts and socks, Wilson told reporters that the child appeared from out of nowhere. “I just happened to look over and heard him crying and he was just running up Center [Street],” she told reporters, according to a report published on Friday in Daily Mail.

The boy was given a long-sleeved shirt to wear by someone at a nearby gas station, and Wilson was seen carrying the child onto the bus by surveillance video. He then took a seat, and she asked him, “Are you OK? Still a little cold?” before grabbing her coat from behind the driver’s seat and covering him with it. Wilson gave the boy something to snack on while they waited for police to arrive.

According to authorities, the boy had wandered away from home “by mistake.” Alone in the dark in below-freezing temperatures, he had traveled approximately two blocks away from his home when he was found by Wilson.

 Wilson is now being called a hero, but she doesn’t think so. “I don’t look at it as being a hero,” she said, “just being there to help.”

H/T: Daily Mail


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