VIDEO Captures Woman Fighting Off Armed Carjackers

Crime Atlanta carjacking

Two teens thought she would be an easy target.  They did not realize they had tried to steal a car from a woman who could fight like a wildcat.

Jasmine Warren had put gas in her car and was about to leave the Atlanta gas station when she walked back to give money to a homeless man.   As she returned to her car, two young men in white hoodies pop out from behind the gas pumps and pounce, threatening her at gunpoint and hitting her as they tried to take her car keys away from her.

She fought back, even after one finally got the keys and put them in the ignition.  She yanked the car door open and pulled him out, finally managing to reach into the car again and grabbed the key in the ignition hard, breaking it in two.

Unable to start the car now, they fought Warren for her phone and then took off.

Warren works as a counselor for trouble teens, and said she would still be willing to meet with the two and try to help them.


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