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CNN’s Jake Tapper on Tuesday weighed in on the Trump-Kim summit arguing that other presidents did not meet with North Korean leaders to avoid giving their dictatorships “prestige.”

“It’s not as if other presidents couldn’t have done this,” Tapper said of Trump’s historic meeting with the North Korean leader. “It’s that they didn’t want to.”

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Tapper, the host of CNN shows “The Lead” and “State of the Union,” prefaced his comments that past presidents decided not to meet for direct talks with North Korea because “the concern was, you don’t want to give North Korea that kind of prestige.”

“You don’t want to elevate them without having something guaranteed in terms of what they are actually willing to do, in terms of denuclearization, in terms of what Secretary of State Pompeo constantly refers to as ‘irreversible and verifiable denuclearization.’ ”

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