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In his “Lunch Alert” video on Friday, political commentator Dick Morris addresses the question, “Will Hillary run in 2020?”

“Yes,” Morris said, adding, “If Hillary has a pulse, she’s going to run.”

Hillary Clinton was originally motivated by ambition, but that ambition morphed into a lifestyle, Morris said. She is literally incapable of functioning in life without the framework of a political campaign, he added.

Everything is an “event” for Hillary Clinton, everything is scheduled, and everything requires an organizing principal, which is ambition to be president. There is no default position, Morris said. There’s nothing she’ll do when she retires, except kick back and run for office again, he reasoned.

Then he addressed another question – will she win? Her donors have been exhausted, Morris said, and the certainty of her victory that motivated them to donate to her the last time doesn’t exist anymore.

Although she still has popularity and support, she has many competitors now in the race to become the first woman president, Morris said.

Watch his full, enlightening analysis below:

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