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Part of the U.S. Army’s Northern Command in charge of homeland security is isolating at the Cheyenne Mountain bunker in Colorado as the coronavirus spreads across the country.

The bunker is a command and control site which was built inside the mountain of the same name, located near Colorado Springs.

The article goes on to state the following:

‘To ensure that we can defend the homeland despite this pandemic, our command and control watch teams here in the headquarters split into multiple shifts and portions of our watch team began working from Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station, creating a third team at an alternate location as well,’ Air Force General Terrence O’Shaughnessy, head of U.S. Northern Command and NORAD, said during a Facebook Live town hall with those under his command.

‘Our dedicated professionals of the NORAD and NORTHCOM command and control watch have left their homes, said goodbye to their families and are isolated from everyone to ensure that they can stand the watch each and every day to defend our homeland,” Gen O’Shaughnessy added.

“I’m not at liberty to discuss who’s moving in there,” he said, noting that moving into the bunker is “certainly not optimal, but it’s absolutely necessary and appropriate given the situation.”

No other outside military members are being allowed to enter the Cheyenne Mountain bunker for fear they might bring the virus inside.

The report states that if the staff working at the bunker do become ill, another team of high-ranking military officials are working at another undisclosed location, which Gen. O’Shaughnessy refused to identify. “This is a marathon, not a sprint,” he said.

The Daily Mail then shared the following statement:

NORTHCOM and NORAD’s personnel are now in isolation and those working there will likely not see their families again for some time with COVID-19 expected to be around for months, if not years. 

The facility was built in the 1960s, 2,000 feet underneath the Cheyenne Mountain outside Colorado Springs. and is reportedly the most secure place on earth. Two two giant blast doors made of concrete and steel, each 3½ feet thick, seal off the bunker from the outside.

SCROLL DOWN to see a video of the facility.

Below is a video of the facility, which was posted in 2016.

Details were provided in the following Facebook video:

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