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The following report is shared from ABC News:

A Kentucky couple says they’ve been placed under house arrest for refusing to sign self-quarantine documents.

It all started when Elizabeth Linscott planned to visit her parents and decided to get tested for COVID-19 before traveling. After testing positive on July 11, Elizabeth was contacted by Kentucky’s Hardin County Health Department.

They requested she sign documents that required daily check-ins and would limit her from traveling anywhere — including health facilities — unless she called the health department first.

When she received the documents in the mail, Elizabeth balked, refusing to sign them, because she didn’t agree with the wording.

“I have no problem self-quarantining, I said, but if I have to leave my house to get a necessity for an emergency, I’m going to do that without your prior consent,” she explained.

The Hardin County Health Department called, asking why she hadn’t returned the signed documents. Elizabeth hung up in frustration. The Health Department sent a text, informing her that law enforcement would now get involved. A few days later, on Thursday, July 16, officers knocked on the door.

The officers attached ankle monitors to both Elizabeth and her husband, Isaiah, (reportedly, neither have any symptoms of the virus) and informed them if they traveled over 200 feet from their home, the county would be alerted, and the sheriff’s department would come calling again.

WATCH the following videos for additional details:

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  1. How far are we going to let this insanity take over our lives??? And this is NOT a rhetorical question! Fight back!

  2. They didn’t break any laws by not.signing that piece of toilet paper and needs to fi d a good lawyer and sue their collective ass off


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