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As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News offers the following information published by FOXNEWS.COM:

Liberal protesters – egged on by Democratic politicians – are openly embracing a more confrontational and aggressive approach, banging on the doors of the Supreme Court, confronting lawmakers outside their offices and chasing GOP officials out of restaurants.

And Republicans are quickly seizing on that spectacle to hammer a new midterm message, decrying the “mob” behavior and warning that Democrats would bring that mentality into the majority should they prevail in November’s election.

The article goes on to state the following:

“The radical Democrats have turned into an angry mob,” President Trump said at one of many recent campaign-style rallies, a message he’s repeated over and over.

The Republican National Committee released a video Thursday calling the left “an unhinged mob,” showing recent comments from Democrats encouraging protests.

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  1. So it’s the GOP Party vs the MOB Party… Yep, the Democrat party is now officially the MOB Party..
    You own it Dems.. or should I say MOB’s…

  2. If, as part of the violent Dem Mob, a crazed female frantically scratching at the Supreme Court doors in protest of Justice Kavanaugh’s swearing-in does not prompt any civilized human being to question their affiliation with that Party then nothing will.

  3. Just for fun I watched Don Lemon this week and he is such a twit. He has a segment called “Don’s take” hahaha. All these years I thought news was supposed to be non bias and truth. Since when is Ol Don’s oipnion considered news?? The funny thing is all of his followers watching take it as real news! OMG, haha, sheep!

  4. If stomps like a mob, if it screams like mob, it’s a mob! The left is just angry that they have had a name put to their intentions. They liked it better when they were just being called protesters, angry protesters, even violent protesters was better than being called a mob. The other names could be spun to make it look like the violence stemmed from the opposition, being a mob is a totally different thing in the minds of people.

  5. I call it a gigantic temper tantrum. Killary says they have to win to be civil again. No Killary, civil to you means trying to take away the First, Second, Third, Fourth Amendments and on and on and then NO more Freedom no more Country.

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