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  1. We’ve had red tide along the Gulf Coast, but it doesn’t last long. I’m wondering if it’s the natural red tide. Is the sugar drainage confined around certain areas where the heavy drainage from sugar farmers is nearby? What areas are dangerously affected in Florida?

  2. I live in Florida, red tide has been around for over a hundred years. They don’t know what really causes it, but fertilizer makes it worse. That comes from farmers, residents, and commercial properties that use fertilizer then runs into water from rains. They blame it on sugar crops, but they aren’t the only ones. Red tide is everywhere in Florida, even places where sugar crops aren’t. Dennis was talking about those nice houses on the water, but I guarantee they use fertilizer

  3. When is the Government going to do something about this? No more dumping from the farmers! It is killing everything in the water just like the garbage dumped into the Ocean! I ask why? You mean each state cannot have something they can burn garbage in but not harmful to the air? Of course they can, but they will not! This is shameful on all are government!

  4. Also Tropicana company’s dumping all debris , farmers,and all toxic algae’s growing in the water.
    Nobody cares about it.

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