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DML News App Founder Dennis Michael Lynch weighed in on the historic impeachment of President Donald J. Trump Wednesday, which made him the third president to be impeached.

Democrats voted on two articles of impeachment: abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. The votes fell along party lines, with some Democrat defectors. No Republicans voted for impeachment. The vote was 230 to 197 on abuse of power, with two Democrats voting against it. The vote was 229 to 198 on obstruction of Congress, with three Democrats opposing it.

After the vote, DML tweeted out support for Trump.

“Trump vowed to Make America Great Again, but to do such a thing requires deporting all “Obama Democrats” to Russia,” DML tweeted. “Trump is not perfect but he is a strong President. He doesn’t deserve impeachment.”

“He [and] we deserve better,” DML continued. “This vote only makes him & his supporters stronger! #MAGA.”

DML followed up with a video, reading accomplishments under Trump’s administration and wondering incredulously at his impeachment.

Watch below:

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