The Team DML National Tour faced a slight setback Sunday, after their RV became stuck in the mud at the Buckeye Lake, Ohio KOA Campgrounds and had to be towed out, to the tune of a whopping $550.

Miss Mary had made reservations for the campground, and the team arrived late, at 1:30 am, after driving several hours from Cincinnati. They parked in their spot, not wanting to disturb anyone, only to discover the next day they were truly stuck in the mud.

DML posted a Facebook Live video Sunday evening, as the tow truck was preparing to pull them out.

DML was especially frustrated with the manager of the KOA campgrounds, Mike, who he said refused to shake hands, instead scolding him, complaining that DML didn’t “register” when they arrived – despite the fact that Mary had already made the reservation online in advance.

Mike charged DML $80 for one night’s rent of the campgrounds, and then tacked on another $80 charge for getting stuck.

Watch the entire video below. It’s frustrating, and humorous at the same time! DML says the experience will be included in their “America The Beautiful” documentary film.