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CNN anchor Don Lemon attempted to explain why he and his guests appeared to scoff at Trump supporters on Saturday, claiming he “didn’t catch everything that was said.”

On Tuesday night, Lemon addressed CNN viewers following a widely criticized segment he hosted with CNN contributor Wajahat Ali and GOP strategist Rick Wilson, both frequent Trump critics.

The article goes on to state the following:

Ali and Wilson mocked and caricatured Trump voters, claiming they didn’t value reading, spelling, math, maps, and geography. The accusations prompted tears of laughter from Lemon.

President Trump had blasted Lemon as “the dumbest man on television” for the stunt.

Tuesday night, Lemon tried to explain that he was just “laughing at the joke,” not at Trump supporters.  He said:

“And one final note that I have for you because this is personally important to me to address this, okay? Anyone, ask anyone who knows me. They’ll tell you I don’t believe in belittling people — belittling anyone for who they are, what they believe, or where they’re from.

“During an interview on Saturday night, one of my guests said something that made me laugh and while in the moment I found the joke humorous, and I didn’t catch everything that was said. Just to make this perfectly clear, I was laughing at the joke and not at any group of people.”

Lemon’s explanation of why he laughed till he cried when his guests mocked Trump supporters as dumb and uneducated hasn’t gone over well with Trump supporters, as many are saying this was no apology at all.

Comedian Tim Young tweeted, “You guys… Don Lemon clarified that he wasn’t laughing at people… he was laughing at the joke… THAT WAS ABOUT THE PEOPLE.”

“It’s ok… I wasn’t laughing at you… I was laughing at what I was thinking about you,” Young added.

AmericaFirstPAC spokesman Steve Cortes weighed in, tweeting, “Wow. Just watched @donlemon, expecting an apology for the outrageous mockery he & his guests directed toward millions of voters. Instead, he simply said he was laughing at the joke & not at any people? Well, Don, on behalf of the Deplorables, your non-apology is not accepted!”

President Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr, slammed Lemon earlier Tuesday for the mocking segment, and warned that November is coming. He tweeted, “These media hacks don’t just hate the President, they hate the Americans who support him. No wonder their ratings are so low, they find it funny to mock regular, everyday Americans. November is coming, & those Americans will once again have the last laugh.”

Trump supporters are having none of Lemon’s explanation. “Too late, we’ve got your number,” Linda wrote.

“Mr Lemon, I have shoes with more integrity and intelligence than you,” Rebecca added.

“Oh, I THOUGHT I was going to hear him hold himself accountable followed by an apology. I forgot it’s the year 2020 and we don’t do that anymore,” Missy said.

“Laughing at the joke & not any group of people doesn’t cut it when the joke is about a group of people. What a sorry arsed apology,” another said.

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