Video Emerges of Disney Employee Fighting Off Aggressive Alligator

Video of a Disney employee trying to keep an alligator away from the popular Splash Mountain ride in 2009 is getting a fresh look after a gator killed 2-year-old boy Lane Graves at one of the park’s premier resorts last week. The employee pokes the gator with an elongated pole in an attempt to force it back into the water. But the animal is determined and attempts to come on land as tourists are enjoying the ride nearby, oblivious to the dangerous creature.

The attack on Lane Graves, a young boy who was playing at the edge of the water at a Disney resort, has led to questions about the presence of alligators at Disney and the organization’s response and safety protocols. Despite there being a “no swimming” sign, there was no sign indicating the presence of alligators. Disney World ignored warnings that guests were feeding alligators at the park and the areas along the lagoon where a 2-year-old was snatched, according to reports.

Guests staying at the swanky Bora Bora Bungalows were reportedly known to frequently feed gators in the same lagoon where Lane Graves lost his life. “Disney has known about the problem of guests feeding the alligators,” a former employee told Below is the video of the employee fending off the gator, and a video of a survivor’s tale when she was attacked by a the reptilian predator:



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