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As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News offers the following information published by FOX8.COM:

NEW YORK — A family plans to sue Applebee’s after they say their 17-month-old baby was severely burned by steaming water at a location in the New York City borough of Queens.

Cadien Scott Gaffney suffered second degree burns in the Friday incident, according to Kourtnei Patterson, a spokesperson for the family, after the family requested hot water to sterilize utensils.

The article goes on to state the following:

When the server brought it to the table, the baby was able to pull the hot water onto himself, according to Patterson.

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  1. When are parents going to start taking responsibility for their own children ? You asked for the water once it got to the table it is yours to deal with !!!! You burnt your child not Applebees !

  2. They asked for HOT water to steralize the utensils, they got what they asked for. It was the parents responsibility to make sure that the child couldn’t reach it NOT the server’s. They have only themselves to blame for this accident and that is exactly what it was an ACCIDENT!

  3. I am sorry for the child getting injured however the parents requested the hot water and left it where the child could reach it. Now they want to blame the company for there own neglectfulness of there child well being. I hate to say it but people need to take responsibility for there own actions instead of doing the get rich by suing. Maybe child protection companies and the rest of us should step in to put a stop to this kind of stuff going on. Where were the parents when this hot water they request brought to the table? How do you know the server didn’t set the water away from the child and one of the other people at the table moved it in reach of the child? If the server did set it to close then why did the responsible party at the table move it out of reach? As far as Applebee’s paying I would say no unless they out of the kindness want to pay for medical bills thus not indicating any wrongdoing on the companies part. The parents requested the hot water be brought and did not monitor what the child was doing before it pulled it onto itself. The parents are at fault for not protecting the child. On top of that, they waited 20 minutes to call for medical help!!!

  4. They asked for hot water to sterilize utensils. They had hot water brought to their table. It is not the servers responsibility to babysit the child to make sure it doesn’t manage to reach the hot water. It is the parents job to make sure their child is safe. The server has one job, to serve them. What happens after they have been served and the server sets their order down is totally their responsibility!!!! Totally the parents fault!!!!!

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