An Ohio man has put his training as a forensic firearms examiner to use and produced a device designed to harden schools against potential shootings and other attacks.

“One of the first things people say is, ‘It won’t happen here,'” said Chris Monturo, owner of the company LockdownEDU. “It seems to be everyone thinking that. It can happen. It can happen anywhere.”

Monturo, who is married to a teacher and has two children in school, decided to take action in case the worst happened in Centerville.

In a local warehouse, Monturo manufactures the SecureWindow™, a device designed to delay entry into a classroom through the windows on their doors. “The steel panel is reinforced with welded angle iron, and in combination with heavy duty mounting hardware, prevents access to a door handle or other securing device,” WRGT-TV reported.

The product is simply placed on hooks located over the window, and a bottom bolt is latched, as shown in a tutorial on the company’s website.

“It’s disheartening that I had to come up with this,” Monturo said. “Unfortunately, that’s the reality of where we are and the situation we’re in.”

The device, which costs approximately $50, is not constructed of bulletproof material, but Monturo said he received feedback from first responders who told him that they needed a solution that would buy time until they arrived on scene.

“Give us three minutes and we will be there,” Monturo said he was told by the first responders. “We’ve done scenarios, we’ve done dry runs. We will be there.”

Monturo has reached out to area school districts in an effort to get his product placed in their buildings. He is hoping to grow his business so that he might eventually employ high schools students, and partner with vocational schools for a work-study program to include hands-on manufacturing experience, business and marketing.