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Georgia’s top election official says he is opening an investigation into whether third-party groups are trying to register people from other states to illegally vote in Georgia’s twin Jan. 5 Senate runoff elections, when the GOP’s majority in the chamber is at stake.

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced to reporters on Monday that “we have opened an investigation into a group called America Votes, who is sending absentee ballot applications to people at addresses where they have not lived since 1994.”

The article goes on to state the following:

Raffensperger, a Republican, also said his investigators are looking into “Vote Forward, who attempted to register a dead Alabama voter, a woman, to vote here in Georgia.” He also spotlighted “The New Georgia Project, who sent voter registration applications to New York City.”

Raffensperger said another group, Operation New Voter Registration Georgia, “who is telling college students that they can change their residency to Georgia and then change it back after the election.”

He slammed the groups for encouraging illegal voting, and announced that his office has 23 investigators working on 250 open investigations into “credible claims of illegal voting” and election law violations.


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  1. Too little too late. This bastard needs to go to prison. He’s just trying to shift the focus away from that multi million dollar check he has in his pocket. He was one of the lead men in the most fraudulent vote ever held in the whole world. He needs to be hung from the highest high tree in georgia.

  2. Kemp and that bozo betrayed the state of GA Republican voters. I can’t understand how both can destroy GA and rest of nation, must be one hell of a payoff. Both do deserve prison or worse. No doubt the runoff will be rigged, I knew the fake apologies and concern would start to be shown, these arrogant bastards think we are stupid enough to believe them. If we lose our president because of this fraud the governor let go I hope the snakes that he supports bite him. Communist bastards.

  3. Listen to situation updates with Mike Adams at nov 21-30 so far great behind the scenes info/intel about what’s happening right now confiscation of server/machines confessions of traitors what might happen in future reads like a thriller novel

  4. Just look at all the FRAUD going on now, after-the-fact! These people have no shame, no moral compass. Winning is the only game in town for them. And Fulton County, probably the hub of illegal activity, has already had its voter system scrubbed when all involved knew this this ballot integrity issue was still before the Court? Democrats recognize no master but themselves.

  5. Does he think this will appease Trump supporters. Sorry no one believes your bull. Are you trying to suck up now because you fear the President is going to win. He won’t forget and neither will we. If there’s another uncorrupted election. Your career is over loser rhino


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